Brodie Castle

Brodie Castle

If you are looking for an experience unlike any other, then Brodie Castle is the place for you. Official site of the Clan Brodie and home to some of Scotland’s most famous ghosts, this castle stands on an ancient site believed to have once been a Roman Fort. Visitors can explore over 68 rooms and 10 gardens on two floors at this magnificent 16th century tower house. Enjoy a guided tour or explore by yourself while listening to your own MP3 player.

The Clan Brodie has governed the land around the Castle since the 14th century and kept royal company in their time when James IV visited in 1503. Brodie was held under siege during the Jacobite Wars in the 1700s and has been spared from destruction due to its formidable structure.

Brodie Castle is a popular filming location for TV productions, including Highlander, and was documented in several Hollywood blockbusters. Tour Brodie Castle today and search for the life-size portraits of King James V and Queen Mary that hang in the ballroom. The castle also contains an early portrait of Sir Thomas Brodie that predates photography.

This Castle was extensively restored by a local industrialist in the late 19th century, but once served as a refuge for Bonnie Prince Charlie after his defeat at Culloden Moor. The castle was used by the British Army as a barracks and training center during both World Wars.

Brodie Castle is one of Scotland’s most haunted sites, with over two dozen spirits. The castle is also known for its fairy resident and a resident ghost dog named “Dog.” So be sure to bring your camera when you visit Brodie Castle to capture an image of any paranormal encounters for posterity. Capturing paranormal activity at this Castle may earn you a place in the World Book of Records!

The Castle is closed on Wednesdays.
Entry Prices are Adult £7 Over 60’s £5 Children 8-16 £3 (Under 8’s free) Disabled parking bays available on request.

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