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Glencoe Castle

Glencoe castle is a famous stately home, located in the south-west part of Scotland. It was built on an island between 16th and 18th centuries. The castle owner was William Campbell – Duke of Argyll. Now it’s one of the most visited places in Scotland, famous for weddings and clan gatherings, with a long and interesting history.

Where is Glencoe Castle?

Glencoe is located in the district of Moidart, west Highlands near Fort William. It’s a beautiful area surrounded by mountains that offers spectacular views of green hillsides and high peaks.

Glencoe was once part of the vast Scottish kingdom of Dalriada but later became one of Scotland’s most haunted areas.

History of Glencoe Castle

The story of Glencoe castle begins in 1691. In this year, a massacre happened there – thirty unarmed men from the MacDonald clan were murdered by men from Campbell clan under the order of King William III. The brutal murder was intended to incite war between the clans and kill off an entire generation of MacDonalds, which would allow for their rival clan, Clan Campbell to take over their land.

However, this didn’t happen and the Macdonalds were able to retaliate. One of them managed to murder one of the king’s men – Robert Campbell on his way back from Fort William. As a result of that, King William ordered his army into Glencoe under General Dalrymple, who was a trusted friend of the Campbells. The soldiers then proceeded to tear down houses and burn crops. They rounded up around 50 men from the MacDonald clan and killed them using bayonets. After that, they covered their faces with masks so that none of them could recognise any fellow clansmen or talk about what they saw there – which is how the infamous Massacre of Glencoe got its name.

A year after the massacre, Clan Campbell changed its motto from “I rise to my feet” to “I watch and I will avenge”. For many years, the story was largely ignored by historians but recently it became one of Scotland’s famous historical crimes. Figures within Clanchief Aurther Campbell were now seen as responsible for the massacre. The place has become one of the most visited in Scotland, where people come to remember the tragedy that happened there, and pay their tributes to those who died.

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