Laugharne Castle

Laugharne Castle

Laugharne Castle is a ruined medieval castle overlooking the tidal mouth of the River Tywi at the west end of Laugharne, Wales. The castle was originally a Norman stronghold, probably built around 1100.

The most notable event in its history was its capture in 1216 by Dafydd ap Llywelyn who defeated and killed Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March at nearby Cilgerran Castle and thereby prevented his planned recovery of lands lost to King John. The castle was strengthened by the Earls of Pembroke in the late 13th century after 1282 and a large hall was built in the inner bailey. Subsequently it passed to William de Valence, 1st Earl of Pembroke, becoming a favourite residence of his wife, Margaret who held it until her death in 1316 on which occasion it reverted to the Crown.

In 1263, during the Second Barons’ War, it was besieged by Simon de Montfort’s forces. However, he had to return to England when his wife was captured.

By 1309, Edward II had taken control of the castle and it passed into royal hands in 1331 and become a favorite residence of Queen Philippa (wife of Edward III), who often resided there with her son Edward (later Edward IV). After she died there in 1369, her body was carried back to Westminster Abbey by way of Saltash and Launceston Castle on a long funeral procession from Pembroke.

Laugharne castle became a royal castle falling into disuse after 1462 when Pembroke Castle was built at Tenby in South Wales by Jasper Tudor. It is now partially ruined but some of its gatehouse remains intact as well as fragments of later buildings.

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