Oswestry Castle

Oswestry Castle

If you’re looking for a place to explore England in, Oswestry Castle is an excellent choice. This two-hour drive from Birmingham and just under four hours from London, it’s not a particularly long journey. A lot of people who come here are visiting the border town of Oswestry, but never venture into the castle. We want to encourage you to visit this lovely place if you’re in England!

Oswestry Castle is located right on the Welsh border and is one of the most complete and best-preserved castles in Britain. It dates back more than 900 years and has played host both to royalty and prisoners alike before falling out of use during WWII. The castle you can visit today though is a perfect replica of the original.

Visitors to the castle can wander through the moat and learn about the history of Oswestry Castle, as well as its most famous residents. This includes King John, who spent some time here during his reign. You’ll also see where Oswestry prisoners were held and punished before looking in on the dungeons.

As well as walking through the castle, you can take a tour around the battlements. If you just want to see the outside of this historic place, you can walk freely within the boundary walls while still learning about the history of Oswestry Castle. It’s a beautiful spot with stunning views of England and Wales alike.

After all this walking about, you’ll be ready to relax and have some lunch. There are two pubs in Oswestry that you’re welcome to sit in for lunch or a drink if you’re not staying at either pub or eating at one of their restaurants. Alternatively, there is a restaurant on site at the castle where you can grab a bite to eat. You can either stay for lunch, or head back into Oswestry itself and wander around the shops.

If you’re coming to Oswestry or staying in this area, this is the perfect excursion. We hope you will consider visiting Oswestry Castle while you’re here in England!

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