Taymouth Castle

Taymouth Castle

Taymouth Castle is located in the town of Auchendennan. It was built in 1578 by William Douglas (1543-1595), son of Archibald, 5th Earl of Angus, and grandson of the 4th Earl. It was built as a smaller replacement for Doune Castle which became unwieldy. This property is located 20 km [sic] south-east of Crieff and 14 km [sic] from Strathmore. The house is a category B listed building.

It is a seat of the Clan Douglas. It is still owned by members of the family, but is open to the public for a limited number of days each year.

The house was built in the late 16th century, and was restored in 1854. The north-west tower dates from around 1587, and the east tower from 1602.[9] The south tower was built between 1855 and 1858. The south-east tower was rebuilt in 1870. In the castle is a collection of paintings by Sir Henry Raeburn, which are on display.

St. Andrew’s Church in Taymouth Castle is one of four parish church in the Auchendennan area. The church was built in 1826, and is a category B listed building. It is one of three churches which form the parish of Auchendennan, which covers the town and surrounding areas.

The castle is open to visitors from 27 April until 31 October each year. It is open on Wednesdays from March to November. There are 15 guided tours daily, including exhibitions and introductory talks. There is also a restaurant and outdoor activities, which have been included in the Castle’s history.

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