Lismore Castle

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Lismore Castle is situated near picturesque Lismore on the Blackwater river in County Waterford, Ireland. Built around 1467 by the Earl of Desmond, and extending to four storeys high, with a gatehouse and square towers at each corner. It’s one of Ireland’s most impressive medieval castles. The castle is now a luxury hotel with conference halls and accommodation.

The design of Lismore Castle is attributed to the Italian engineer, Pietro di Crescenzi, military architect to Edward IV of England.

In 1584 the castle was sacked and burnt during the Second Desmond Rebellion by crown forces under Sir Richard Bingham. It was further damaged in 1690 by Williamite forces under Patrick Sarsfield.

In 1753, a new house was built on an adjoining site but this was also destroyed in 1841 after falling into disrepair and used as a source of building material for a new house built on the old foundations. The foundations were re-excavated in the late twentieth century and are now open to visitors.

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