Halls and Castles in Cheshire

Halls and Castles in Cheshire

So you want to see more of England’s finest gems? Perhaps you’re desperate to find a new home or need an idea for your next visit. Either way, there are plenty of castles in Cheshire which can provide the perfect setting. Here are some you’ll never forget!

Castles in Cheshire

In this blog post we will tell what is so special about these places and why they should be on your bucket list if you have the chance to go anywhere in England. We will also talk a little bit about their history and why they were built. Let’s get started!

Chester Castle

The first castle we’re going to talk about is Chester Castle, known as one of the most important military strongholds during the Civil War in England. It was built in the late 1100s by Hugh D’Avranches, Earl of Chester. The most famous battle to ever happen here is the Battle of Chester in 1645. At this time, Charles I had been holding out in Oxford for two years and he was faced with Royalist forces besieging the city. He decided to send his Parliament’s armies out to meet them at this location. Some 14,000 Parliamentarians fought 20,000 Royalists and in the end won a stunning victory!

Beeston Castle

Beeston Castle is a ruined 12th century Norman castle in Beeston, Cheshire. The site of the castle dates back to at least the 6th century when an Anglo-Saxon settlement was built on top of it. After the Norman conquest, William fitzAnsculf, who was governor of Chester under William I used it as a residence.

During the English Civil War, the castle was initially held for the king in 1644 by a Colonel Birch and a group of 400 soldiers. However, on 14 January 1645 Parliamentarian forces led by Sir William Brereton took Beeston after an intense artillery barrage had breached the walls and fired burning missiles into the castle. Four Christian prisoners were executed for their refusal to recant their faith by Archbishop Laud’s chaplain, Stubbs.

Eaton Hall

The next place we will talk about is Eaton Hall. This beautiful estate was built by Sir Thomas Holford who bought it from Sir John Savage in 1677. The current interior is in the late 18th century style which makes it one of the finest in the country. From here we can see some stunning views which are well worth a visit. There are also stables and gardens attached to this magnificent house, which has been under the ownership of the National Trust since 1947.

Cholmondeley Castle

Built on top of a dramatic advantage point that overlooks the River Dee, this magnificent castle offers stunning views and plenty of fascinating history.

Cholmondeley Castle is currently owned by Christopher Hugh Cholmondeley, the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley; his family has been there since 1605 when the 2nd Baronet Sir Robert Cholmeley took ownership in 1605. The castle itself has been around for nearly 800 years and was once home to a bishop. A descendant of Sir Robert Cholmeley, Viscount Malpas, was responsible for building the first wings in 1877. The castle was then purchased by the 4th Marquess of Cholmondeley who lived there from 1925 and left it to his son when he died. As the name suggests, the current Marquess of Cholmondeley is not just a resident but also an active participant in managing the castle grounds.

Bowden Hall

The next place we will talk about is Bowden Hall, an Elizabethan house with a medieval moat. It was a home to many men who made a name for themselves during their lives. It was built in 1580 by Sir John Holford as a manor house using profits gained from his piracy expeditions on behalf of Queen Elizabeth I. It’s been left in its original state and still has many original features which make it the perfect place to see how the rich lived back in the day.

Davenport Hall

The next place we will talk about is Davenport Hall, a magnificent Tudor house built by Thomas Savage around 1590. Then it was sold to Richard Molyneux who gave it to his son, William Molyneux. He was a famous astronomer who helped Sir Isaac Newton with some of his work. He also owned another castle, Merevale Hall in Warwickshire.

Eaton Castle

The final place we will talk about is Eaton Castle, which was built as a fortified manor house by Thomas Holford in the 17th century. It’s now owned by the National Trust and it’s filled with original artwork featuring famous people such as Samuel Johnson and Alexander Pope. You won’t want to leave this beautiful place!

These are some of the most popular castles in Cheshire which have been loved by people who have visited them throughout history. They provide a fantastic insight into the past and show us how people lived and what they thought was important. If you want to learn about what life was like back in the day, then why not visit these beautiful buildings? You will be able to see how they were made and the kind of features they had. The staff that work there will also be able to give you a lot of information so you can see just how wonderful it was back then.

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